Erbacea LAB

Botanical Ceramics & Cyanotypes

Botanical Pottery Handmade in Italy

Erbacea LAB is an artistic project of Ceramics and Cyanotype with a Botanical Theme.

Our small artisan workshop is located in Italy, in Santarcangelo di Romagna.

We use real plants on soft clay, and then hand paint in cobalt blue the impression left by the flower or leaf, which is always different and unique.

We produce everyday objects such as cups, plates, vases, etc., perfect for decorating your home, or to be purchased as gift items.

Our obstinate passions are botany, the blue color, unique and unrepeatable things made with our hands!

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In this life we need to create beautiful things

erbacea lab

Botanical Imprint Ceramics

Pressing Flowers into Clay

Functional ceramic objects characterized by impressions of real plants and flowers. Every time a different plant is pressed on soft clay, so each object is unique and unrepeatable.

The imprint left by the flower or leaf is then patiently hand painted with cobalt blue, in homage to Dutch pottery from the 1600s.

"Agneta Block" Series

In particular, this series of ceramics with a botanical theme in white and blue is dedicated to a woman, the Dutch botanist and illustrator Agneta Block, a capable grower of rare and exotic plants.

As with Anna Atkins in cyanotype, we want to honor Agneta and all the first female scientists who often get lost in the pages of history without being remembered.

clay is a material that is born for the hands, but fills and kneads the heart with emotions

Cyanotype on Fabric & Paper

Botanical Cyanotype Process

Cyanotype is an ancient photographic technique in which, thanks to the sunlight, each object placed on the sheet leaves behind the white imprint of its shape, on a characteristic Prussian blue background.

Each print is unrepeatable, since the arrangement of the objects, the light conditions and the texture of the wet chemicals are variables that cannot be replicated.

"Anna" Series

This series with real leaves and flowers is dedicated to Anna Atkins, English botanist and photographer who first used cyanotype to spread the natural sciences.

By attempting to capture the fleeting beauty and simplicity of wild plants, we want to honor Anna and all the early female scientists who too often are not remembered.

the imprinted memory of a sunny day will continue to emanate its warmth in the days to come, illuminating even the less serene ones

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Pressed Flower Ceramics